Monday, November 24, 2008


Hello hello, I'm back from midterms and here are some of my updates..

1- I'm a lousy driver I get it! and I hate it when guys find it funny!

2- I had two midterms in one day and 15 mins break between both, one was in kaifan and the other was in khaldiya, a miracle happened, I got there on time for the second midterm.

3- That's about it I think ;s

Yeah that's all! Nothing new I guess ;/

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Peace ;)

Since midterms are coming, I have nothing to post. This is a painting I painted a year back using oil paint, and it's called "Road To Peace"

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Dude .. Ladies First!!!

Hey, I'm beginning to realize something here in kuwait, the "Ladies First Concept" doesn't exsist, most of the time ya3ny.. bas fe guys wallah 3al 3ain o il ras yi7tarmoon that rule ;p

I was walking with my friend S ray7een ta3baneeen 7adna, we wanted to sit on the bench awal ma il nas ily kanaw ga3deen mishaw, we were heading towards it shway o niga3ad wila iyiy wa7ed so faaaaaaast o ga3ad! 7ata ma iltifat 3alaina wala shay as if he didn't do anything wrong! ily 7awalaina kilhom 9ar feehom wtf?? wigafna ana o my friend imtan7eeeeen! Did he really just do that? yahaaal i7na wila shno??

I couldn't talk to him in person bas here's what i'm gonna say:

Ista7 3ala waaaayhik! banaaat yayeen yig3idoooon o thier feet tithbaaa7hom min il maaashy o thier cheeks 9ayreen so red min il 7ar! shlooon tig3ad o t6aaanish-hom! Not only did u not respect the concept of ladies first, you created a whole new level of meaness, you're mean!!