Thursday, October 30, 2008

Finally ..

Finally the weekend came, It's been a long week as usual, bas il weather im5afif il ta3ab so it's better this way, ana ta3bana o feeny il noom o gafalt, and the headache is killing me. I'm really having a headache problem it's driving me nuts, wallah it feels like the top of my skull is about to fall off ;/ as soon as the week starts the headache comes! (panadol does nothing) I became amune to it or something.

Ps. to whom I'm talking to, thanks for fixing my msn, you rock!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Yaaay! =D

The wheather is AWESOME! Finally that vanilla late season is coming, can't wait for winter! as for the rain, I like those really light drops of rain, but when it comes to heavy rain uukh that just depresses me, and pisses me off, ista'3farallah I know ina i'm not supposed to feel that way, bas ybaaahthil il rain! what really annoys me is the puddles of water that form in the ground, it ruins my shoes!

Okay and here's something totally unrelated, I read one of akabane's posts and he had a pic that was almost like the one i'm gonna show you, I was driving in the parking lot searching for a place to park, when i passed a car that had this inside and I said to myself why not post it ..

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Top 3 Embaressing Moments

I tend to fall in embaressing situations each day, apparently I'm a magnet. Here's the top 3 moments that happened the past few weeks..

#1: After the elections in uni, my friend and I drove to the fir3 beside the collage wanting to fetch two bottles of water, we arrived at the counter and the guy said "120 fils" I said "okay wait, 5al a6ali3 5ardity" I had all those 5arda that I wanted to get rid off! But there was a guy behind me waiting for his turn, so i descided to be polite and told the guy to y7asib 3ala ma ayami3 my 5arda, 7saba kan 120 fils too, so he descided to pay for both of us! I was like .. "uuuhh la2 3ady ana adfa3 ;/" but he insisted! he laughed and left .. I didn't get the chance to say thanks ;s

#2: I know a girl called E that has short hair, walks like a guy, some ppl say she's a tomboy, but i have nothing against her, she's a friend of mine.. So I was walking in the hallway bil jam3a and I saw this person coming close at first I thaught it was E .. I stood there staring .. and I almost said " Hii E Shlooooo..." and then I shut my mouth when I noticed that it was a guy! I didn't even see his expression I couldn't imagine how angry he looked ;s

#3: I was sitting with my friend waiting for my lecture and we were surrounded with guys all around, we kept silent for a while when my friend comes to me from the back and says "Boo!" in my ears, I jumped and kinda screamed ;s an awkward silence took place faj2aaa .. the guys all looked at me and laughed! I was so embaressed .. uuukhh my face turned red, then purple and probably blue too ;/

What's your most embaressing moment?

Monday, October 27, 2008

Miss Smarty Pants

I don't know how to start a post! If you guys noticed almost all of my posts start with either "Hey Guys" or "Hello" or any sort of greeting, so yeah I think I might have a problem with that. I try to change my intro each time, and think long and deap to come up with a creative start ;p unfortunately nothing good comes up.. so here I am explaining..

I hope I'm not boring you guys to death, but I'm being "little miss smarty pants" lately and I'm loving it ;p lol take a look at my AutoCAD practice problems .. I'm really enjoying it (so far) ;p

bas when it comes to calculus at3ayaz ;p uuukh Calculus A,B and now C! I actually thaught there wasn't any math left after Calculus B, I mean seriously I felt like I could solve any question in math after completing that course.. okay enough of that ;s

All I see is Sin, Cos, Limit and Integrals .. so I better go out and take a drive and come back.. let's see where my car leads me, oh yeah I saved my address on the navigator just incase I go to shari3 il 7ob bil '3ala6 ;p

See ya ;p

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Broken - Lifehouse

Broken by Lifehouse.. It's been a week now o i'm playing this song over and over in the car, even when I'm out with my sisters, we'd sing the chorus out loud min kithir ma nindimij feeeha.. I got it from grey's anatomy.. You guys should listen to it ..

I'm falling apart, I'm barely breathing, with a broken heart =)
Hope you guys like the song =*

Saturday, October 25, 2008

My Heart in The Open..

I've read many love posts on blogger, and this isn't one of them. It's been a while now since I've posted something interesting; in fact it's been ages since I commented on ur guys blogs. My previous weeks have been stressful, tiring and way too much work, I'd stay all week looking forward to a peaceful weekend, and when it finally comes, again nothing changes.

The bright thing is I have you.. yeah you've taken a whole lot of that stress away, I've almost lost you once and I'm hoping that won't happen again, I used to be scared of what might happen in the future or what would stand in our way, but you kept on giving me hope.. I just realized that you're my source of energy, you're the one who's keeping me going.. I'm not trying to sound cheesy but when I hear people talking that way I used to think it was lame, it's not.

Okay, now I've said what I had going on in my head, I'll update you guys in my future posts hopefully.

Ps: I know I haven't been seen around lately, but I'll be back as soon as my mood changes back to normal, its way up the scale, I've been suffering from "mood swings" severely!

Sunday, October 19, 2008


Hii Once again, It's 9:27 exactly. I know it's before 10 but my eyes are about to explode, I'm exsausted, 7ady ta3bana o feeny il nooooom!

Uff maly 5ilg aktib shay kilish .. bas I Have two mawaqif 9aratly this week which I wanted to write about, unfortunatley I'm not in the mood of writing!

okay.. here's something totally unrelated..

Marag Bamya.. Is it the kind of wajba takloonha ib mazaaaj? or immediatley tyo3oon when u see it infront of u?

S: ufff '3adana marag bamya ilyoom! omy tgool itha ma tabeen iklay min bara..
Me: shfeeha il bamya @@
S: la yabeelha mazaaaj!
Me: min 9jich? awal ma tshimeen ree7at il bamya tyooo3eeen il mafrooth
S: laaa ;s
Me: ;D


Good Night;*

Thursday, October 16, 2008


Irfa3o il rayaaat il 9afra ya3lamoooon

In Na7no il Mostaqilla qadimoooon

Hiya Hiya .. Hiya Mostaqila!

I've realized something.. I might be a little over hyper about the elections this year unlike the past year, It just got to me! Since I got used to the whole "Vote Mostaqilla" quote I might join them next year, yeah yeah I know u guys are gonna say "Shlich bhal sowalif .. a5er shay mara7 yfozoon" or "bacher tikbireen o ti'67ikeen 3ala nafsich" But it's a great experience and entering extra ciriculem activities is HEALTHY!
And about the "Hiya" part.. 3ilmiya LOST!! Wohooooooooooooooo (a)! Wait a go Handasiah! I was really happy for them! "laqad iktasa7taw 9anadeeq il handasa" mo hathy tashje3atkom ilyoom? ;p Ygoloon the difference was about 142 9oot between Handasiah and 3ilmiya..
I Took some pics..

And then comes poor 'ole 3ilmiya ..

Last but not least, Hard Luck guys..

Sunday, October 12, 2008

10 Updates..

Hello everyone, here's some updates..

1- Msn messenger Beta is the worst version I've ever used, I ended up deleting it entirely and downloading the older version

2- I really really wish mostaqilla wins this year either jam3iya or iti7ad, we need some change! I2tilafiya is taking that place in the iti7ad for 30 years and start talking about thier injazat, yeah well those are things u're obligated to do and I'm fed up of thier blabering..

3- "New Moon" I still didn't get through the 3rd chapter! There's no time, I usually read before going to sleep, It's the only time I feel like reading, but lately I can't wait to put my head on the pillow to SLEEP!

4- My friend got into a car accident.. but she's fine thank god;* that stupid other girl was just so '3asheema o my friend kalat-ha!

5- My laptop kan y3alig wayed o thiba7ny and you guys suggested an update everyonce in a while, I took that in account and started the updates. I ended up with no audio output device! I got so mad at the time, god bless u google! Ofcourse I googled how to restore the audio and I did wohooo (a)!

6- I'm watching il wa6an just praying and hoping li2tilafiya ma yfozooon this time .. again I have nothing against them! but they're too proud widy bas ythogoon il 5asara ;D

7- I'm planning to gain 4 kilos god knows how! I just need those 4 kilos ;/

8- Why can't Izzie and alex admit that they love each other! They belong together anyways! Derek and maradeth are getting on my nerves!

9- I'm out of stuff to say lol

10- Oh yeah, I have the cutest old doctor ever! He's so sweet! Kil kilma o il thanya he says "barak allah feech" noo3a kuwaity 3ateeeeeej ;p o la tismi3oona yitkalam english!
zooo'3a ;p

that's all for now see you guys;*

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Four Seasons

So this post is about mo3ath's suggestion! "Four seasons"

Mo3aaaaaaaaaaaaaath!! Was it a dagga? kan 7aaaaaami'6 7ail 7aail .. eezee wig6a3 ;)! halmara ana agoolik 3ala thimity ;p

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Life Saver..!

Hey y'all;*
So let's start this post by saying that today was one of those days that my wallet only carried a quarter KD and a bunch of filses or filsss .. lol what's the plural of fils? anyways, My friend S had half a KD and today was one of those long days, with late hour scheduals where we finish at 6pm. We couldn't just stay all day not eating anything from the cafateria.. So we went to what we call the "life saver" !

Yup, that's right fatoosh! Allah ydeeeem il ri59 wallah! "One 9amoon falafil for me and One bi6a6 o badiyan for S" .. "Oh yeah and two pepsi" after ordering we started to put or 7a6iya and seeing how much we have!

Yeah thank god we had 750 fils ;$ the wierd thing is we both get broke at the same time! and the hand model would be S ;D

Okay so we went back to jam3a cuz we had a lecture, after it was over we were so thirsty! we wanted water so badly! so we got out all the 5arda we had 5's,10's,20's! we finally managed to collect 300 fils ;p

WATER!! we can afford two bottles of water ;$!! Umbaaaaih infashil wallah .. next time i shouldn't go out the house without money.. it's way too embaressing.. o yeah and once i went out driving without credit .. i ended up in a car accident and wanted to call my dad! How on earth am i gonna tell my dad ;/ so the indian guy started shouting at me (i was wrong) but he still wasn't supposed to shout! i told him "3aaa6ny telephone mal inta!" he was like "laish mama??" lol he was so scared and the look on his face was mo3abira 7aail .. i was scared too!! so i told him not to worry "baba mal ana wayid zaain inta la y5ooof" damn! I'm good at comforting arn't I? ;p and i called my dad "yubaaa bsir3a ta3al da3aaamt ma3indy ra9eed ;$" and it was like a joke to my dad .. all he did was make fun of me all day! ;/

I drove safely back home today ;p

That's it for today folks.. I gotta go do my homework.. blah blah radaina ;p see ya soon o good night;**

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Tangled Up in You ;*

Tangled Up in you - Staind

You're My World The Shelter From The Rain You're The Pills That Take Away My Pain You're The Light That Helps Me Find My Way You're The Words When I Have Nothing To Say And In This World Where Nothing Else Is True Here I Am Still Tangled Up In You I'm Still Tangled Up In You Still Tangled Up In You You're The Fire That Warms Me When I'm Cold You're The Hand I Have To Hold As I Grow Old You're The Shore When I Am Lost At Sea You're The Only Thing That I Like About Me And In This World Where Nothing Else Is True Here I Am Still Tangled Up In You I'm Still Tangled Up In You How Long Has It Been Since This Storyline Began And I Hope It Never Ends And Goes Like This Forever In This World Where Nothing Else Is True Here I Am Still Tangled Up In You Tangled Up In You I'm Still Tangled Up In You Still Tangled Up In You

This post is dedicated to Nani;*

Monday, October 6, 2008

All For Nothing

BOO! Hey all.. So I've been going to jam3a for 2 days know since we started and none of the doctors came so it's all just for nothing.. the only thing i got out of all this was seeing my friends after the long vacation.. My day in pics..?
Oh yeah today I just have one lecture and it's in Kaifan.. lol I had to take an elective it's "Thaqafa Islamiya" and in Sharee3a! It took us half an hour to find the class.. my friend and I got a lot of the from head to toe look! we didn't care ;D The doctor didn't come .. that's a surprise ;p
So we descided to get some juice from kaifan .. look at the za7ma there!

Anyways we went back to khaldiya, we didn't find a parking spot.. that's something new not, we ended up parking in different places, S parked beside the fir3 and I parked way back of the parking lot.. when it came to the end of the day we had to walk all they way in that hot wheather with our high heals .. man that gave us a flash back of the first year ;p

so that's it for now i guess.. when will winter come? I'm craving a vanilla late with the cold freezing wheather ;D

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Just Another Day

Hello, So we're back to where ever we belong! Work, collage, school.. uuuuggghh! I didn't want that vacation to end, cuz i'm not ready to start another year of hard work, test, midterms, quizzes, labs, long late hours, getting back home at 6 pm, waking up at 6 am.. and way more.. But we have to do it anyways right?

Okay so some of my fellow bloggers asked me to post the tshirts i drew on .. take a look ;)

Friday, October 3, 2008


I know I've been posting alot lately .. I just have alot going on!

So here's the thing, I've been driving for almost 10 months now, and I'm an idiot when it comes to directions and how to reach places. I can't find the difference between 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th or 5th ring road! I don't even know where they lead to. I go by the "fi6ra" as my mum says.

So here I am going to take my sister to 3dailiya knowing how to go ofcourse it's not so hard. The problem I faced was with the way back. I used to know a way back but my mum taught me a supposedly easier way! well wasn't easy .. it was the reason i got LOST!!

I was going the right way as i thought I was .. then i realized that I drove past the turn to my man6aqa! wi9alt share3 dimashq!! Here i started to panic .. I called my dad he told what to do .. so i diid it .. i think ? but then I ended up agaaaain in demascus street! okay so then my mum jumped in to give me a way back .. i got lost even more!! wi9alt il nizha ;s

Then my dad took the phone and asked me where I was I told him where excatly .. he started laughing!! "DAD WHAT"S WRONG??" he said .. "Basich gaazzz ib share3 il 7ob" i started crying! I wannaaaaa go back home!! then he told me to focus and stop the dalaaa3 .. and i did .. I finally did what he said and got safley back home! ;$

Embaressing! Anyways that's about it .. see u ;*

Thursday, October 2, 2008

"Kids" Day Out ..

Hey All.. I wanna make one thing clear, I hate going out on 3eed, no way! But here's the thing... Being the eldest I have to take my younger siblings out, although I hated it so much I had to do it anyways cuz my aunt called and said she needed my help to take her kids TOO with her of course :D. I had no problem with the kids at all, I actually had fun.. but IN 3EED is what's bothering me... Everywhere is just crowded and I'm not good with crowds.. I suffocate ;p

They wanted to go play somewhere.. First they suggested "7adeeqat iL Shi3ib" NO WAY too much 3agad there .. second it was "Madeenat il tarfeehiya" again NO WAY too far .. so they suggested "7awali park" witch was still a bad choice .. anyways we all agreed (against my will) so we went ..

First of all I want to say .. IT WAS A NIGHTMARE! please .. a guy sticks to my back an whispers the words "fe majal?" SERIOUSLY?? do ppl still use that word? or did any one use it period! I jumped and almost peed my pants from how close he was .. DUDE DISTANCE!! I slide away from him .. as he kept annoying me .. I was swearing in my mind and going F**** you F**** you! he finally found out that i'm totally not interested! I gathered the kids and went to another game .. until we were finally done ..

As we were walking out we had to go through a bunch of ppl who were huge .. i mean literally huge! I tried walking through them but i couldn't! When this guy shouts out "3a6ooooooha majal tamshy brooo7a 6oolha 9antiyaaaain" i stood there so offended! yet appreciated what he did sorta? ;/

It's been a long long long day .. and i'm tired.. I'm gonna go watch grey's anatomy eat my mac chicken and go to sleep .. good night ;*