Monday, December 8, 2008

New Moon

Hey All, Awal shay..

3eedkom Imbarak o 3asakom Min il 3aydeen o ilfayzeen ya rab ;*

second, I was reading "New Moon" again, and I'm about to finish it finally right noonie? ;p anyway, as I was reading I came past a sentance that just made me stop and right it down on a piece of paper..

"One thing I truly knew was how love gave someone the power to break you. I'd been broken beyond repair"

Another sentance I noted down was,

"I'd lost too much already.. would fate take the last few shreds of peace left behind?"

that's all for now, wallah I miss you guys bas 7ady i've been busy so i3thirooony;* .. oh and does anyone know where mo3ath is?! his blog 9ar 9akha ..

Monday, December 1, 2008

Cash or Knet?

Heeey ya'll ;*

I know I haven't been posting much lately, it's been crazy! plus I haven't had much time on my hands, all I want is my cozy bed after a long day of work. Anyways here's what happened today.

Today was one of the days that me and my friends have, where all we have is our Knet in our wallets no cash. We were so hungry and wanted to have lunch at macdonalds, we dropped by at macdonalds - kaifan.

Pilipino Dude: Hello maaaaaam .. ur order plz?
Me: Yeah Hello, Can I have 2 big Mac extra cheese, medium meal, and one Mac chicken med meal
Pilipino Dude: Okaaaay mam .. all coke?
Me: Yes plz :)
Pilipino Dude: That will be 3.900 mam :)
S: *Gets out her Knet out*
Pilipino Dude: No maaaaam the Knet machine doesn't work!
Me & M *get out our wallets to check for cash*

Shit ..?

Me: Okay where can we find an ATM machine here?
Pilipino Dude: at the end of the road ..
Me: Okay we'll be back ;p

* This is us going to the end of the road .... *

M: Oh look Pizza hut..
S: Let's eat at pizza hut
Me: yeah okay ;p

* We enter *

Me: Hello :D Do you guys take Knet? We dont have cash :D!
Pilipino Dudett: Yeah maaaaam :D
Us: Cool ;p

* We sat there .. We ordered .. We talked a little .. *

Me: SHIT!!
S and M: What's wrong???
Me: I Forgot to move my car!! 9akaaaaa 3ala wa7ed! I have to go move it!

* We stood up and headed to the door *

Pilipino dudett: where are you going?
Me: we need to move the car it's parked behind someone!
Pilipino dudett: oh okaay mam .. but u have to pay first, restaraunt policy
Me: okay okay sure :$

* we paid .. and headed back to where we first came from! *

I moved the car and went all the way around Nady ilq8 to go to the parking lot in front of pizza hut, we found parking spaces which were a bit far away from the restaurant, they weren't good enough for us, so we headed forward.. guess what! there's no place to park! ;/ I took another round around nady ilq8! and parked far away from pizza hut..

* We walked back and ate finally!*

and starbucks dudes witnessed everything :$

Ps: Amu, I was studying chemistry and in chemistry Amu stands for molar mass. Just thought to throw that in ;p