Monday, September 29, 2008

One Whole Hour!

First, 3eeeeeeeeedkom Imbaraaaaaak! 3asakom Min iL 3aydeen o il Fayzeen Inshallah ;**

Second, il za7ma ilyooooooom bil jam3iya "MO 9IJ" (ma7ib il word) bas 9ij wallah it's amazing, awal mara ashoof chithy .. imagine i got out of the house at 8:45 and didn't get back home ila at 9:49! The shari3 wasn't moving .. take a look ..

And yes, I was going the wrong side ;$ only because the other line was JAMMED! man.. I'm home finally .. now I need to get ready for bacher .. see ya all soon ;*

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Totally Random

Hey guys long time no see! Well for me at least, it seems like forever since I've posted anything.. just gonna tell u what I've been upto ..
  1. I've been watching "9era3 3ala il remal" the main character was almost dead, I got so damn depressed, but thank got he didn't die :$

  2. cooking is going well, I learned some good stuff the past month ;p

  3. 9alat lijyaaam o laheen bil 3ashr il awaaa5er.. allah yistijeeb da3watna o da3watkom inshallah ;*

  4. I just formated my laptop and it's worst than it was before ;s y3alig waaayed!

  5. Here's something good.. I started drawing again, but not on paper ;p on tshirts..

  6. Grey's anatomy season 4 people! I want it so bad!! I tried downlaoding torrent.. it's taking for ever ;/

  7. I'm confused.. something is bothering me.. not really focused! (upcoming post ..)

That's about it so far ;/

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Hardluck! 2-0 3ad ;/

Mashift-ha qameee'6a I was asleep!

Qadsia 0 - 2 Urwa

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Near Death Experience!

Long story short.. I'm gonna skip some details just to get straight to the point. I knew a girl called Z who had a boyfriend called Y, her boyfriend has a friend called M. They all attended the same university ( with me ofcourse ). M wanted my number, he told Y to tell Z to talk to me about it. I refused of course, and got into a fight with Z. She acted all wierd on me when I refused.

M got angry or mad or whatever! He started doing silly things just to get my attension. He would park his car behind mine wanting me to talk to him, instead I would go to the cafteria and wait for him to move.. second thing he would stop his car infront of mine whenever i'm looking for a parking spot and refuse to move his car!! and many stupid things ..

One day he scared the shit out of me.. I was leaving the parking lot and going towards the exit.. I found him infront of me .. waited for him to leave from one exit so I'de go the other direction .. in the end we met at the round about! He started speeding and pushing me towards the side walk without touching my car.. he kept on guiding me to the side of the road, we went to a straight road now we both were speeding.. i looked at the mirror to check if anyone was behind me.. i immediatley hit the breaks!! and let him go on ..

The last day of uni.. I was coming out of an exam.. it was at night.. I wanted to exit the parking lot again .. I looked both directions there wasn't any cars coming my way .. when I moved my car.. that honda black honda accord with M in it was speeding to hit my car on the right side .. I screamed and closed my eyes .. when he came so close he STOPPED! and started laughing .. I stared at him scared! I stayed there like a min or so to realize what happened .. then i headed back home ..

Ps: Mr M. It's not a joke ;/

Friday, September 19, 2008

Mr. Hacker


Thanks Mr Hacker for giving me my email back! You know how we got it back? It was my friend who was talking to him, she called me to tell me that he's online in my email, we started flirting with him here and flirting with him there.. and we got the Password ;p

A girls gotta do what a girls gotta do ;$

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Mabroooooooook ;*

Mabrooooooook Yal Malaki ;**

iL fal 7ag il thahaaab inshallah in japan ..!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

What more..?

One of my emails got hacked and stolen! this guy comes out of no where and hacks it! Can this week get any worse? Seriously ppl! ;s

I'm A Failure ..

I HATE YOU Kuwait Univ .. I hate everything about you!! I hate the drs, the students and even the hallways! What do u want from me? u sucked all my energy, u destroyed my self esteem, you killed every bit of creativity left in me..

Min dashait hal koliya o ana an'6ilim laih mita..?! You made me a failure, no make that A HUGE FAILURE! :(

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Brain Ninjas..!!

I was watching a video on youtube called Brain Ninjas By Dane Cook, You should watch it, he describes us woman as brain ninjas, it's like what ever we say sticks into the guys brain and then explodes causing the guy to go nuts..

In Kuwait I find it the opposite! As I was listening to Dane cook I immediately remembered what happened a few days ago..

I was going to the co-op next to our house to get some groceries, I parked my car and stepped out, as I was getting out i saw three guys coming my way, my eyes caught one of those guy's eyes so i immediately looked in the other direction to avoid eye contact, I locked the car and started walking.. when they came real close, that same guy said in a loud voice "Tara moo layig 3alaich tsogeeen" I ignored him and walked away, and forgot all about it the rest of the day..

As I put my head on my pillow before going to sleep, I remembered his words! And started questioning myself.. WHAT DID HE MEAN!!! am I too short? am I too young? or is it because I'm a girl..?!


For the girls: Have you ever heard a word from guy that made u think why??
For the guys: Are you the kind that throws words and walk away??

Saturday, September 13, 2008


I'm bored of my hair! I have long hair almost to my back, and I want to cut it so badly! The thing is I'm scared;/
I want a new look, and everyone told me short hair looks better on me, but I'm not sure I can do it..
This is the cut I'm gonna cut..

What do you guys think .. should I go for it..???

Thursday, September 11, 2008

.... And I Cried

I never told anyone what happened with physics, and what was behind my pure hatred to this subject. I'm sure if i took it any where else other than Kuwait University i would've liked it, no dought it's a boring subject, but what made me hate it even more is this...

As a freshmen student we were obligated to take two physics courses, physics 1 and 2, the first physics teacher was an ASS, he used to snap at us in class as if we're animals infornt of him, he'd tell us to come to him in his office hours and keeps us waiting ,then he doesn't show up. ofcourse that wasn't the bad part..

physics 2 was my nightmare, i had a great dr. he was amazing the whole year! that's what i thought ofcourse, my work for the past course was great and i added up my final grade, as i was walking towards his office to check what i got, having in mind that i'm gonna get a B-..

I looked at the door where he posted the grades, he FAILED ME! I checked my ID number twice, that was really my number! Isaid to myself there has to be a mistake! so i waited for him to arrive, When he finally did, i knocked on the door, as rude as he was he said: "MEEEN? SHIFTO IL DARAJAAAT, SHO TABO MINY YA3NY?!" I was so scared to face him, i felt so weak at the time my eyes were starting to water on me, I entered his office and said: "Dr. why did i get an F? can I please see my final paper?"

He put his legs on the table, and almost shoved them in my face and said: "Asif, hathy draaajtik, sho tabeeny a3milik? kil wa7id ya5ith ily yisti7iqoo, o il awraaaq ma7d yshoofhom, mamnoo3" .. at that moment I lost it! I started crying! and said: "Dr ana mit2aaaakda ina fe shay '3ala6 may9eer F, wily y3afeek shoof iwrigty again!"

Ib kil waqa7a he said: "Mo mishkilty haaay, inty madarastay!" That was it i couldn't hold myself after that, tears like rain were pouring over my cheaks, and started saying stuff i shouldn't have said, but the anger in my voice was eager to come out, i said: "DR!!! Don't tell me i didn't study!!! You have NO IDEA how much i studied for your freakin subject! ba3dain itha taby ta'6limny hatha shay raji3lik akeeeed, o ana mara7 a5ith 7agy minik 7ata law agdar! Allah ya5ith 7agy minik, itha ma it5af miny wala min '3airy 5af min rabik! 7isby allah 3alaik!" and i walked out not even looking at him.

After that i calmed down, I took physics 2 again in the summer and passed it with a good grade, but before that I was waiting for my other dr in the physics department, then comes that dr who failed me with a huge smile on his face and said:"Oh..! Inty hoon, lisa za3lana miny?" than i gave him a dirty look and said: "hehe la2 dr" when in the real world, I was so angry and wanted to chop him into pieces and stick him in a wooden box and throw him in the sea, or better yet take his daughter and tie her up and put her in the basement until he gives me that A or B- that i wanted.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I Miss YOU!!

All those years I've been listening to my parents say "Allaaah 3ala Ayam il Thanawiya". I would say to myself are you guys serious? HIGH SCHOOL?? The torture, the studying, the homework what's good in that? I was so eager to enter university! Loving the fact that I will have complete freedom and will be able to make my own choices and go on my own terms!

When I got a taste of that freedom, I Loved it! The first week, then the first month! And the whole first course.. It was heaven on earth, With the car and stuff.. Then I got bored ;s It was all catagorized under "RESPONSIBILITY" and that's not fun! It was all about making the right choices, doing the right things.. Then again I MISS MY HIGH SCHOOL YEARS!

I Miss ..
  • Running around the hallway without a hall pass
  • Writing our fake passes to the nurse
  • acting sick whenever we don't feel like going to"ARABIC CLASS"
  • Using the "Period" excuse not to play PE
  • Signing progress reports, and bad test scores
  • Ditching class, and hiding out in the basket ball court or mosque
  • "Miss Pleeeeeeeeaaaassssee don't give us homewok today!"
  • Lying to our foreign teachers about our culture, o insawe aflaaam
  • Setting a frog free in English Class
  • Getting a 6 paragraph essay on "ANIMAL RIGHTS" as a punishment
  • Detension, and ecaping them.
  • In School suspension! best punishment ever! we get to run around the school doing nothing ;D
  • Singing the national anthom in the morning! Then comes our Arabic teacher, saying crapy "hal ta3lam" stuff.

I Miss you my dearest high school ;**

What about you guys.. High school vs. University?

Monday, September 8, 2008

Porn..! ;s

So I was googling myself with several nicknames I've used the past years, and the ones I'm mostley known by, As I typed "q8honey" I found a link in the third page I think, where another girl with the same nick posted Dirty dancing/porn vedios, mo5ila liladaaab.

A msg to you miss other "q8honey". STOP POSTING BAD STUFF! I have a reputation here ;s

Saturday, September 6, 2008


I was asked to post some of my work, well unfortunately I havn't been drawing as much lately due to the amount of stress, studying and fatigue situation I was going through, first year was a pain in the neck for all I can say..

lol those were done in physics class, my drawings are all from that dude that has a show on ktv2, I don't know if his show is still on ..

9era3 3ala El Remal..

Ana gayla mara7 atabi3 mosalsalat ib irmi'6an! Bas mako fayda ithbi7oona it's like ramadan = tv. I know it's wrong! So what if we tried to balance our day, make it 3ibada as much as we can and make room for cooking and watching tv, mosalsala wa7da bas! is that okay? ;/

Friday, September 5, 2008

Is This how we Became?

As amazed, and angry as I am right now, I couldn't find any answers to my questions. Are we that shallow? And How did we become this way? Why do we judge people on how they look, or on what they wear, or what they have? How did this community change into judgment based on prestige, rank, and wealth? I know I'm asking too many questions, but I'm disgusted by the way most people think now a day in particular! Let me tell you the story behind all this..

As I was going to the tarawee7 yesterday, I wore my 3abat and 7jab and took a small bag that would carry my belongings such as mobile, wallet etc. When we arrived to the closest mosque to our house, I was amazed, well not amazed actually astonished with what I saw! Girls with full make up, 3abat imlawina alwaaan, swaroviski all over the 7jabaat not 9a6ra but three and four, girls wearing 5awaatim o accessories, Chanel, Gucci, Lv bags all over the place!

Come on people! 7ata bil masyad ilnas titshai7a6?! Yayeen ta3bidoon rabkom o titgariboonla wila tikshi5oon, o tgoloon ana 3indy? That's just sick..

Thursday, September 4, 2008

I'm Back..

Hey all I'm back, ee o sa2alny artful itha da3aitlikom, i did! o 3ala hal 6ary let me tell you what happened! So i was ga3da a6oof o ad3y o gilt al7een bad3eelkom, So i said "Yarab itwafig kil il bloggers ily a3arefhom" then bidait a'67ak 3ala roo7y o 7asait kilish mo 3adla! Then I tried to aragi3 il wath3 ishway so i said, "Ya rab ta7fi'6 kil ily a3arifhom o y3arfoony o itwafighom"! Anyways, over all kanat il 3omra good o kil shay kan okay, but the weather was pretty hot and humid! I took some pics ..

some sketches I did in my free time! I was bored to death bil plane i had nothing else to do, i found the waste bag o intaw ibkarama ;p and i opened the shopping magazine and started drawing ;p

yeah this is the view from the hotel room.

on the road ;p Going from makka to jedda in the car, the driver was a maniac ;s i was saying "please god don't let us die now" all the way to the airport ;s

Fi6oor in the 6ayara ;D