Thursday, May 14, 2009

A New Project!

Hello once again, I know it's boring to read whining posts and complaining, but have you ever tried looking cheerful when u're actually crying inside, calm from the outside and screaming deep inside, barely smiling to keep people out of the picture, so that no one notices what is really going on.. I think it's time to stop and realize that change should happen. I'm gonna start working on a project that involves me. It's time I worked on "The New Me".

"The New Me" is stronger, wiser, and optimistic. I'm not going to let my feeling run me over or drive me to think with my heart, it's like my brain has no control over me, I've lost grip of wisdom. Optimism.. this part is the hardest right now, my friend that I talked about in the previous posts has agreed to do the surgery, his surgery is going to be in August, he thinks that he may not live till august, but here's where positive thinking takes place, in order to keep him going and keep him holding on, I need to give him hope. I'm about to fall into pieces right now, I feel useless and jaded. I want to make a change.. but one step at a time..

If you were to change, working on the new you.. what would you change?


Anony said...

the way you think and how you see things ..

<3roken¤String said...

hi there
awsome idea 'the new me project' i guess everyone should do the same, cauz time and life uses we should do the "the new me" every once and let go of the wrong feelings and ideas, and start over new..